There are 564 cars on the database today!

06/02/17: 18 cars added. Sister site, Corsair Database launched.

25/02/15: Site bugs fixed, search working again, new cars added.

24/12/13: The Anglia Owner’s Database launch.

It’s exciting to note that the Ford Anglia 105E owner’s club database launched today. Essentially it is the same product as this website, and after collaboration with the owner’s club, 105E Database data has been added to it, including pictures.

However, this does not mean this website will go offline, to the contrary, the two will be maintained simultaneously.

15/12/13: Due to spam, registration for new users is currently closed. To have you car added to the database email me, or send me a message on the owners club or 105 Speed.

Welcome to the 105E Database. The 105E database is a new idea, it aims to collate pictures and information on Ford Anglia 105E, 123E, and 307E models in the UK, as well as their left hand drive siblings. Containing high quality photographs and DVLA information, the 105E database aims to create a comprehensive register of Ford Anglia models.

To access the database, select ‘cars’ from the menu on the left, or here.

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